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Since our inauguration in 2017, we are proud to serve the population of Southwest Florida. At Cs Home Builders, our commitment is not limited to providing quality products and services, but rather doing our utmost to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. We invite you to browse the site to know everything we have to offer.

We have become masters in the paving arena.  With unparalleled service, we are committed to providing quality products and exceptional services so our customers always come to us again.  We are constantly improving to expand our offerings to better serve the entire Southwest Florida region.

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Used by most customers, this service is one of the factors responsible for our success.  All our services are of high quality, and you can count on us to take care of everything you need.  We take pride in the excellent customer service we provide, and we guarantee your total satisfaction in the treatment offered by our staff.  Just contact us to find out how we can help you.


In all our jobs we give up to one year warranty on our jobs. Everything and any problem related to our work will be remade at no additional cost. If by any chance some problem occurs in our work and is for some external reason, the repair will be done at some cost but it will be warned and combined with antecedence with the owner of the house.


4 X 8

The 4″ X 8″ is the traditional pattern, yet the most diverse. This brick is suitable for any architecture. Designed to bring out the beauty of its surroundings, the only limit is your imagination.


6 x 9

A brick paver reminiscent of old cobblestone with the diversity of modern installation. This paver allows you to combine the texture and bevel of old cobblestone with today’s patterns. Versatility is the true definition of this paver.

Old Naples

Unique in shape, the Old Naples paver is designed and based on the New Orleans cobblestone streets. The amazing “Old World” look enhances any project.

New Naples

The charm of the New Naples paver comes from its “aged” appearance. Some say it is “technology creating tradition”. It is actually returning to the old with the new. 




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